About Us

The Habitat Homestead is Vahishta Mistry and Neha Sumitran’s permaculture homestead near Kodaikanal, in the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu.

The Property:

We moved into our current property in April, 2019. Although it is a rented, and hence temporary, home for The Habitat Homestead, we hope to soon acquire land in the area, and settle on a permanent location. In the meantime, we are honing our skills, finding out what life is like in the hills, and journaling our experiences on this website.

Here’s a quick overview of our current property, in order to provide context for the various posts referring to features and the layout of our land. We suggest you read it in order to familiarize yourself with our homestead.

Our Goals:

We hope to one day be able to live completely off the grid, sustainable in all ways, especially in terms of food security. We hope to be able to do this with as low embodied energy costs as possible. We intend to use permaculture principles and ethics to achieve these goals.

Questions? Comments?

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