The Ultimate Guide To Map Your Veggie Garden

Maps are hard. (But they don’t have to be!)

When you put pen to paper and begin designing your veggie garden, the first thing you’ll need is a good map, one that’s as accurate as you can make it. If you can afford a professional survey of your property, that’s great. But the large majority of us don’t have the luxury of spending that kind of money. So you need to map your garden yourself. Luckily, there are DIY methods to do just that.

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Time Management For Homesteaders

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love Trello, to-do lists, and planning meetings.

It’s a popular notion that living on a homestead, growing one’s own food and managing animals is a return to an idyllic lifestyle. Days spent lounging in meadows, contemplating the shapes of clouds, while half-listening to a babbling brook nearby: that sort of thing. If this was a movie, this is where you’d hear a record screech and freeze-frame. Because I’m here to burst that bubble. That life doesn’t exist outside the movies. Running a homestead is all about managing your time, your energy and prioritizing the tasks that matter.

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The Water Saga (And Solution)

When Neha and I decided to move to the Palani hills and set up our homestead, one of the features of the area that really appealed to us was that there’s only one really dry period, from March, to about April. The rest of the year, there’s (apparently) ample rainfall, and we’ve assumed that most of our water usage could come from rainwater harvesting, supplemented by other sources during the dry period. How wrong we were…

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The First Six Weeks

The evening of April 2, 2019, saw Neha and I stumble out of our car and unload our two cats, (Sheila and Pebbles, siblings, age 11) some basic luggage, and move into what we hope will become a sustainable homestead near the village of Pethuparai, in Kodaikanal Taluka, Tamil Nadu. We drove up from Goa, via Bangalore and we were tired, cranky and mildly dehydrated. The car AC packs up religiously after 400 kms of highway travel. We had done 500 that day, with the two elderly cats, remember.

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